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 1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP].

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1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Empty
PostSubject: 1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP].   1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 08, 2011 1:39 pm

Hey if you seen this before i am nevuh from plamo.

[quote='nevuh' pid='144630' dateline='1296689564']
Hey everyone, I have been a lurker for sometime here scared to post. But i will never get any better without building and getting C&C. So as the title says, "First custom." :3

Fist idea was to cut out this part in the chest. It maybe left how it is or i will try some pla plate work.
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0865t

Next up was the knee i had wanted to cut them from the start then found ways people did and did it myself. I feel they came out good, but would like to mod it so the top moves with the leg.
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0870lr

Moving on i have the feet which i ran out of luck with Tamiya putty. The store here is having problems getting their stuff in. So i used Green Stuff not sure how i am liking it... I think it will be fine when i go out and get some lower girt sandpaper so i can shape it better.
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0900z

Then some shaping to the face on the vents i didn't like how it was on the normal Dynames face.
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0899nx

1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. 20k0sm
I feel i will drop the two joints for the legs to give him a bit more length.

[quote='nevuh' pid='144678' dateline='1296866730']
Thank you!

The foot shaping is done i think they came out well. Green stuff seems to work well, but sanding is a pain..
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0905o
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0907tf

Pla-plate work need to remove the rest of the glue.
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0908c
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0909hz

The the MG leg armor style mod. Could have came out cleaner :bao_50:
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0910c


[quote='nevuh' pid='144826' dateline='1297199452']
Thank you!

Pla-Plate: I will work on it when i finish the back skirt.
Shoulders: Are driving me crazy trying to come up with something
Chest: Thinking of a mod with the GN drive since the thrusters have taken its place.
Back skirt: Waiting for parts to come in for this mod.
Legs: Still need to cut and drop the ball joints. Have been thinking of using Tamiya cement, but i don't think it will hold if i need to remove a leg. So still need to go get some epoxy.

1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0920kw
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0913m
Just waiting for the Green Stuff to cure and then i will start to sand to get it a more clean look. I will also cut the pegs of and move them back so they won't get in the shoulders way.

[quote='nevuh' pid='144839' dateline='1297229601']
Woah, GN drive mod not sure if i like it or not. I have liked this type of shaped chest on mecha for sometime. I had the idea for this after having the GN just sitting there. Then i broke the chest from removing it a bit to much, yet and easy fix just some glue. So i cut the rest off of the main and just and use masking type to put the GN on it. So this is just a mock-up for now.

1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0927z
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0922m

Not sure?


[quote='nevuh' pid='144990' dateline='1297394968']
Edit: This Chest was scraped I didn't like it.
New chest work still needs a lot of work sanding and adding detail.

1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0930t
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0934ka

New Chest made from pla-plate.
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0939i
1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0937s
This Chest mod can be taken off it is glued to the part that goes around the neck. More pics to come to show how it was done.

[quote='nevuh' pid='145458' dateline='1298233763']
Sorry for not updating i have gotten sick and my wisdom teeth are killing me hoping for some meds if i can't get in soon.

The chest mod as you can see it still needs to be cleaned up. I didn't take my time with glue which i have learned from now. The back side of it really doesn't matter as you wont be able to see it but i would still like to be just cleaner if i do anything like this next time.

1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0942gp

1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0943c

1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP]. Img0944ma

So when i start to feel better more clean up and then detail adding for it. I think it will clean up good after primer.

Right now i am taking a bit of a break if you want to say haven't been in the mood to work on him. To many things going on that i am trying to start, but i am sure i will start work on him in spring.
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1/100 Dynames - First custom [WIP].
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