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 Canadian Justice Gundam!

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PostSubject: Canadian Justice Gundam!   Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:42 pm

Pretty amazing entries, and here's my entry. I didn't really do any fancy with this, but I took the colour scheme from the Canadian Hockey jersey.

I went with the white one over the red one (which is just the same design but white and red backwards) because I thought the red one would be a little too bright. Would have liked to throw a maple leaf on there somewhere, but my incompetencies with the brush told me not to do so.

This was just a really old kit that I had snapped together before I started using snippers and stuff. Perfect for a contest like this!

Pics of it in early stages:

Head mod to allow face to be put in after painting.

Prior to detailing + seam line removal:

Completed kit:

Size comparison to a real life person and the upcoming PG Strike Freedom!
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Canadian Justice Gundam!
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