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 Red Arrow V2

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PostSubject: Red Arrow V2   Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:46 am

This is my entry for the gundam world contest, yes the Red Arrows are not a nation however during airshows they represent Briton and the RAF in the same way the Scotland football team represents the nation at football matches.

This was not my best paint job as i was using new paints that I had intended to use an airbrushed for but I have not had much good weather here so i just used a brush. the paints are Revell Ferrari red, NO.04(white) and NO.52 (blue) with skull white as an undercoat. decals come from the BAe HAWK T.MK1 Revell red arrow kit seen in the background of some photos. I used the V2 as it has a pointy chest and those long protrusions from the back which are important for showing the colors. the pink effect parts helped join the the red and white to the blue and are painted on the inside, a part that was not ready in time was the shield was going to be painted into a union jack. there are no weapons on this kit because its an airshow mobile suit.

the number on the top of the shoulders is one of aircraft numbers of a red arrow aircraft.

my next project with the other v2 kit i have is to make it a Thunderbird aircraft complete with upside down number.
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Red Arrow V2
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